When should you take down your Holiday decorations?

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When I was a child, I remember that in my parents' house the Christmas decorations were there for weeks and weeks, yes, long after January 6th which is the official date of the end of the Christmas festivities according to experts.
But now in my adult life, it is no longer so, life tends to move faster, however, I admit that I am one of those people who tries to extend that warm and comforting feeling that the holidays bring us, and I embrace the mission of redecorating the house with joy.

Therefore, in the following days after Christmas we are already thinking about the change of decoration for our house and although the theme is still predominantly winter, sometimes our creativity is a little blocked, perhaps saturated by the recent festivities, and it is difficult for us to think of new color patterns that are still suitable for the season but innovative enough to give a new touch to our home.
I recommend you find your favorite color among your current decorations and from there assemble your new palette, so it will be easier for you to transition in the decoration, and you can even reuse several of the elements you already have.
Now, because my sense of humor is something peculiar, I have decided that the famous "Blue Monday" that apparently is the third Monday of the month of January, will be something positive in my house, that is why I gave myself the mission of painting a fabulous Door Hanger using shades of blue and the word Home from my line of words and plastic shapes for door hangers and wreaths.

And if you need a moment of relaxation while having a cup of coffee or your favorite drink, you can watch a short video where I'm painting this piece.

Looking for the colors i used to paint the Door Hanger?

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How do i glue the plastic words and shapes to my Door Hangers?

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